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    Imagine a painting that is only about You! Which I paint only for You!

    Based on your colors and your feelings. I put such energies on the canvas that are speaking exactly to you.

    This will be your personalized painting. A special artwork for you, about you.


    My paintings carry energies. While creating I leave these energies coming in and “fix” them on the canvas with the oil paint. In this way the appearing feelings and moods turn into colors and shapes.

    I paint your personal painting exactly this same way.

    I’ll ask you to tell me about those feelings and moods that you want to be reflected by your painting. And yes, choose the main colors of the picture!

    There are those who are more sensitive to the colors. And others to the moods.

    Before you make your requests regarding your painting, quietly get back to Yourself. What is that feeling that you want to strengthen in yourself? Which moods do you want to fill up your environment by the painting? Are you on a turning point of your life and you need helping energies? Or would you just see your favorite colors around yourself?

    The personal painting is a particularly exciting thing, because you are also involved in the creative work!

    Your picture will reflect your personal energies through the colors and shapes!

    Personal painting can also be made for your business.

    Every business has a unique image and has specific energy. Your business is sending a certain message to the customers and business partners. Through the colors we can put this message, these feelings on the canvas!

    So you will have not only unique artworks in your office, but all the images will strengthen your business!


    Look at the personal paintings made so far »


    Order your personal painting that is really about you!

    Contact me and create together a wonderful painting for You! ?

    Facebook | e-mail: mona@tothmonaarte.hutel.: +36 20 399 5833


    You can download the price list here »


    Your colors. Your personality. Your painting.

    tavolozza di colori